Some will say that there’s nothing new under the sun, but that doesn’t stop a little ingenuity from going a long way; especially in the music world. In a time when there seems to be more sub-genres of electronic music than there are days in a year, you have to go back to the drawing board to make your own unique style while finding your niche. So far, Wave Racer has done just that.

Mixing some 16-bit style with wavy goodness and… chipmunk sounds, he’s gained quite a bit of notoriety as one to see at major festivals around the world. What makes his sound so unique is the fact that it has a light, melodic feel to it that some of the harder genres are lacking, but doesn’t get as ambient as some of the newer artists on the scene like Jai Wolf. The result is a mix of a classic electro feel mixed with plenty of excellent synth riffs.

Ideal for vibing to video games to or just a night out with friends, we highly recommend Wave Racer not only for his ingenuity but also for the fact that he’s doing his own thing, and he’s doing it well. The electronic genre is getting bigger by the day thanks to artists like him, and his live performances are something special.

You can keep up with his concert schedule here: Wave Racer Tour Dates


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