When you’re living in a post-apocalyptic world, things are going to be gory and gruesome; especially if zombies are involved. Aside from the fact that those zombies are tearing, ripping, and eating all human flesh in sight, there’s also the reality that many will face of dealing with psychopaths. After all, seeing everyone you love torn to shreds isn’t always going to sit well with everyone. This is especially true in the case of some psychopaths who were either in prison or simply waiting for a world chaotic enough for their way of life to reign in the standard of living. The world that has been created in The Walking Dead is one where characters such as Negan can operate in a brutal way of life.

Instead of giving us the watered-down version of how life would be in the kind of scenario given in the series, the creators have clearly decided that they wanted to paint a picture of brutal accuracy. From first-person perspectives on the violence to up close and personal views of the smashing, ripping, and utterly disgusting festering flesh and excrement, last night’s episode wasn’t the first example of just how disgusting life can be, and it most certainly won’t be the last. From Dale getting his guts ripped apart to Hershel getting his head hacked halfway off, there’s been no shortage of brutality on characters that many people were attached to along the ride so far.

Season 7 Spoilers Ahead…

While I will say that the scene in last night’s season premiere was a little more drawn out than expected, I will say that I think it had a place. There’s a place for such gore and violence in these shows. Sure, the psychological manipulation of Negan as he laughs and jokes while bashing people’s heads in is a part of it, but you can’t really paint the true picture of a character’s brutality can’t be painted without the, well… gory details of his ruthlessness. Nothing, and I mean nothing, can compare to the true disgust and hatred felt by myself and those watching with me when we witnessed last night’s scene. The fact that Negan left Glenn kneeling there with half of his brain exposed and eye bulging out for a good two minutes while the rest of the group had to watch is nothing short of pure evil. The Governor was bad, but even then, Rick and the gang were off in the distance. This time they were up close with all of it.

Now, I know that some people out there will say that they didn’t need to go so far, but they really did. This still falls under the “Horror” genre despite the excellent plot behind it. There’s gore in horror. We’re often shielded from it, but this was one of those cases that we shouldn’t have been. I know many people traumatized from the episode, but for us to get a true feel for the gruesome reality of their situation, this had to happen. While it’s rough to see a fan favorite go, it happens. That’s all there is to it. Even close friends die, and this is an unsettling reality that we as viewers have to face. Here’s hoping Daryl’s death is a little less horrible…

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