When Pigs Fly: A Card Game for Cincinnati Cynics


Coming to a coffee shop, neighborhood bar, or house party near you… WHEN PIGS FLY: a Card Game for Cincinnati Cynics. When Pigs Fly is featured in the Cincinnati Enquirer, Business Courier and FOX19 Morning Show.

Inspired by the famous game for terrible people everywhere, Cards Against Humanity, this card set will have you laughing and crying about our beautiful and horrible city.


This is not a Cards Against Humanity expansion deck, nor is it meant to be mixed in with your Cards Against Humanity deck. With 60 question cards and 240 answer cards, there's more than enough content to play a full game using only this deck. Every single card is Cincinnati-themed, so this game will give you and your friends hours of local laughs.

Because who doesn't want to play with question cards like…
Walk The Moon's latest single just dropped: Shut Up and _______
This year, Nick Lachey will push for _______ on the Ohio ballot.
_______ made the Brent Spence Bridge finally collapse into the Ohio River.

Or answer cards like…
Wiping your butt with a Terrible Towel.
Bootsy Collins hotboxing.
Having a 3-Way at Skyline while eating a 3-Way.


Learn more about the game here.

Disclaimer: This game is intended for players 18 years or older. We do not recommend this game for minors. In other words, do not buy this game for your children unless you want to corrupt their innocent minds.

Legalese: We have absolutely no affiliation with Cards Against Humanity nor is this an unofficial expansion deck. Cards Against Humanity™ is a trademark of Cards Against Humanity LLC, and is completely unaffiliated with this site and its contents. Price includes sales tax.

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